It’s all golden yellow daffodils, peeping violets and little lilac Cuckoo Smock in the meadow at the moment, pale and pretty and quite unlike the fiery orange nasturtiums which – now that I have just spent a sunny ten minutes poking their gnarled little seeds into random spots in the garden  – will hopefully appear later this summer..!

Scribble & Daub will be hand-painting and personalising Mother’s Day cards in-store at Liberty, London on Friday 24 March from 12.30pm

Happy New Year! Wishing Peace and Love to one and all in 2017…

If ever there were a year when love needed sending far and wide, recent events suggest this would be it, so I am delighted to announce that Scribble & Daub’s Valentine’s shop is now open. You will find lots of new designs, all beautifully letterpress printed and individually hand-painted. Many can be personalised with a name or the initials of your beloved entirely free of charge, and for an added frisson of traditional Valentine’s anonymity, feel free to make use of Cupid’s Bespoke Postal Service and have your Valentine hand-written and posted on your behalf…

Click here to visit the Valentine shop…


Thanks so much to everyone who has supported Scribble & Daub this year as I have launched the new card collection, I’m deeply grateful to all my lovely customers, stockists, friends and family. Looking forward to sharing the adventures of 2017 with you, but for now, there’s a bottle of something cold and fizzy in the fridge, and reams of ribbon and rainbow-coloured tissue paper requiring my attention, not to mention some un-made mince pies! My Christmas present to myself is some undivided time in the real world and the studio, so I’ll see you back here some time in January… Until then, wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Sparkling New Year! xxx

As a child I would spend hours poring over the Argos catalogue, meticulously folding down page-corners and making lists. Now the writing of my Christmas list is still at times a flight of fancy, but my sources are slightly more sophisticated. Dearest Santa, if you’re reading this, here’s what I would like to find under my tree this Christmas…


Everyone’s favourite artist sums up what we’re all thinking – Jeremy Deller bumper sticker £5 from Studio Voltaire


Five hundred Snakes Head Fritillary bulbs would get me some way towards filling the meadow with these strange chequered beauties next Spring – £16.50 per 100 from Shipton Bulbs


Deep green leather forever boots from By Far Shoes – £289 (but think of the cost per wear!)


Anything at all by Astier & Vilatte is entirely welcome here. This Mantes-La Jolie candle will have the added bonus of becoming the nicest place to keep my dip pens once it has finished filling the studio with delicious scent – £85 at Liberty


Perfectly practical pouches by Hay from Home Institute – £19 for 3


Effortless everyday Jane blouse by Doen $138


And underneath it, anything from Araks’ beautiful array of bras!


Andy in festive spirit. I never get tired of looking at his illustrations – Andy Warhol’s Ho Ho Ho book from £2.80 at Abebooks


And lastly, should you be feeling extra specially generous F.C, The Granchester Pottery’s beautiful painting The Common Gardens of Hampstead from the brilliant CommonRoom if you please – £1,800 but worth every penny


Have you finished all your Christmas shopping yet? No, I thought not, neither have I! Come along to The Conran Shop in Marylebone on Sunday where you can pick up some beautiful presents (I plan to!) and get a hand-drawn and personalised Christmas card to go with them for your nearest and dearest. A bespoke card costs £7.95 and I’ll be there making them from 12.30 til 4.30pm, it would be lovely to see you!

Scribble & Daub at The Conran Shop, Marylebone High Street (Bakerloo Tube)

Sunday 27 November, 12.30-4.30pm

Hand-drawn & personalised cards £7.95 each





It would be fair to say that this week has been a rather grim one, but there has been one hopeful act of faith amidst the madness here at least. Wildflower seeds have been scattered in the meadow, a little later than ideal (that would be early Autumn before the first frosts creep in) and within each and every tiny little speck, the magical possibility of flowers for us and food for the bees and butterflies next year, the latter of which have been noticeably and alarmingly absent this summer. So, if the elements align and allow, there should be a few new residents here in the years to come: Devil’s Bit Scabious, Betony, Lady’s Bedstraw, Ragged Robin, Wild Angelica, Cowslip, Meadow Cranesbill, and, if we’re very lucky, that most alluring and illusive of plants – the orchid (Common Spotted in our case). And if they do deign to put in an appearance, one of their well-established local neighbours will be Common Knapweed (Centaurea nigra). Common it may be, but its’ fluffy purple flowers are no less beautiful for it.


The first year in the meadow we had clouds of cow parsley towering above the grasses and flowers below and it was incredibly beautiful. I don’t know what we did to offend them, but they have never returned! I did however find this delicate and diminutive relative cowering in a corner of the meadow just before we cut it all down. It’s another mystery meadow resident, besides assuming it belongs to the umbellifers, I’ve no idea what it is properly called… #inthemeadow

So-called on account of its’ clawlike seedpods, Birds-foot-trefoil (Lotus Corniculatus) has a cluster of flowers like little yellow slippers and grows freely here in our Sussex clay… #inthemeadow