Hidden at the back of an old fashioned toy shop and stationers on Rye’s historic High Street is a pale blue door with a sign that reads – Printing Works: Strictly No Admittance. Behind it – were you lucky enough to be admitted! – you would find two vast workshops with ancient presses sitting on creaking wooden floorboards, towering shelves of old type and printing paraphernalia. Adams produces everything from tide tables to the local gazette in the virtually extinct processes of woodblock and letterpress, and makes prints for leading contemporary artists and designers including Fiona Banner and Anthony Burrill. It is here that Scribble & Daub’s elegantly imperfect original pen and ink drawings are transformed into plates and printed onto thick, creamy Italian paper using an antique Heidelberg press. Once printed, each card is then individually hand-coloured back in the studio with Andy Warhol’s favourite brightly coloured inks so that every one is unique.