July 08, 2016


selfhealPerhaps it's in the wake of all the parties and excitements of last week that despite my best efforts, this one has been a bit glass half-empty, and I have been giving myself something of a hard time these past few days. So it seems quite appropriate that I spotted the little amethyst flowers of what turned out to be Selfheal (Prunella vulgaris) low down amongst the meadow grass stalks yesterday and brought it in for scribbling. I was in a glowering mood as I dipped nib into ink pot, but by the time I'd finished, things felt a little lighter. It was helped by the fact I was listening to one of my favourite scribbling albums Dig Out Your Spade - Vol 2 by the excellent Get a room! djs which always cheers me up, though I was wishing I'd been at Colette's Secret Garden Party where they played last week (like I said, glass half-empty..!)#inthemeadow