December 08, 2017

Stocking Fillers

As Scribble & Daub is fond of saying: you are what you give. Besides the traditional and ubiquitous satsuma / chocolate coin combination, plus toothpaste, pants etc. here are a few small gifts to surprise and delight your small people on Christmas morning, as they wake up to that delicious weighty feeling of a stuffed stocking at the end of the bed...Draw-It Yourself Happy Families - 15 euros by Super EditionsBrio racing car - £8.96 at Wooden Toy Store SunPrint Kit - £6.65

Stabilo Woody 3-in-1 pencils - £1.09 at Tiger Pens

Numero 74 camera - £3.50 at Molly Meg

Nesting animals by Ingela P. Arrhenius - £22 at Little Citizens Boutique

Whirligig All Natural Lollipop - £1.60 from Treasure Island Sweets

Sarah's Silk's Rainbow Streamer - £9.99 at Myriad Toys

Set of 5 blank notelets & envelopes - £22.95 Scribble & Daub

Confetti Popper - £4 from Meri Meri

Das air-drying clay - £1.50 Fred Aldous 

 Shark bauble - £15 at The Conran Shop

Maurice Sendak's 'A Nutshell Library' - £9.60 at Books Please

Hand-carved Swan -£10 at Mama Owl

Home-made indoor snowball fight - free!This year I've been scouring charity shops for white wool and have spent a few evenings with a glass of wine making pom-poms - you'll find endless instructions on the internet for how to do this, I used this one...