December 13, 2023

You Are What You Give (Christmas Edition) with... Carolyn Asome

You Are What You Give (Christmas Edition) with... Carolyn Asome

Carolyn is a true polymath; a former Fashion Editor at The Times of 14 years, she now writes on sustainability, design, interiors and architecture, consults for Abask, co-founded innovative accessories company L’Hood (a hands-free and stylish alternative to the umbrella) has authored two books for Vogue, and can hold an interview in fluent French or Italian. Luckily for me, she is also one of the sweetest and kindest people I know, and regularly sends beautifully packed boxes of fancy treats and the chicest hand-me-downs from her gorgeous kids. As one of life’s great givers, and a discerning cultivator of good design, I’m delighted she has shared her Christmas wish list with us… thanks Carolyn!

"William approaches spaces with such thoughtfulness in his quest for beauty"
Quiet Spaces book, £35

"I love the unglazed finish of this Ingot Object tea bowl"
Abask, £30

"These sublime herbal bath salts have me drifting off in the bath every time"
Verdun Herbanum bath salts, £50

"Warming yet incredibly refreshing, these muslin tea bags are exquisitely wrapped up in the chic-est blue and white paper"
Rose and Cardamom tea (£9 for 18)

"Hands-free alternative to an umbrella in LVMH deadstock fabric"
Black L'Hood £49.99

Sadly the Hepworth Wakefield (one of the best museum gift shops) no longer make Barbara Hepworth pebble erasers, a bargain at 50p, but Astier de Villate do a treat-y, gorgeous scented eraser, £11

"Godliness for non-believers, Peter Zumthor's Devonian house is sublime"
December stays at the Secular Retreat from £1100

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...architectural Sacai details married with Carhartt's utility"
Sacai x Carhartt skirt, £775

"A painting by Grace Watts - one to watch in 2024!" POA