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Mimosa is the first in a new series of cards from Scribble & Daub which illustrate the symbolism and sentiment behind particular flowers. Adorned with a floriferous scribble on the front, the meaning is elegantly and concisely explained on the reverse. Mimosa is the perfect card to celebrate friendship and joyous occasions, yet also to express sympathy at difficult times.

Originating from the Greek words ‘mimos’ meaning ‘actor’ or ‘mime’, and ‘osa’ meaning ‘resembling’, Mimosa’s sunny yellow flowers appear from January to March, symbolising joy, abundance and light. Beautiful but fragile in appearance, its leaves react quickly to temperature and touch, yet the plant is prolific and often thrives in difficult environments. This association with both sensitivity and tolerance has led Mimosa to become the official flower of International Women’s Day on 8th March,  exchanged as a token of admiration, strength and solidarity in the fight for equality.

All Scribble & Daub cards are traditionally letterpress-printed from original dip pen and ink drawings and then individually hand-painted with Andy Warhols favourite inks on luxurious Italian deckle-edged cards with matching envelopes

Available individually, or as a set of 6 cards (for the price of 5) gift wrapped in coloured tissue. 

8.5 x 13cm, blank inside