• Hay Rattle

    hay rattle drawingA proliferation of fluorescent yellow flowers with tiny purple tongues grow in swathes across the meadow in June and July. This is Yellow Rattle (Rhianthus minor), sometimes called the "meadow maker" on account of its slightly sinister habit of parasitically feeding on the roots of surrounding coarse grasses, weakening them and so allowing more delicate wild flowers to emerge. Around this time of year, the seed heads start to crackle and rattle, making a singular soft sound as the summer winds whip through them. Arlo and I have a new favourite game, racing up and down the path, arms outstretched, making the sound for ourselves!#inthemeadowcb hay rattle

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  • Selfheal

    selfhealPerhaps it's in the wake of all the parties and excitements of last week that despite my best efforts, this one has been a bit glass half-empty, and I have been giving myself something of a hard time these past few days. So it seems quite appropriate that I spotted the little amethyst flowers of what turned out to be Selfheal (Prunella vulgaris) low down amongst the meadow grass stalks yesterday and brought it in for scribbling. I was in a glowering mood as I dipped nib into ink pot, but by the time I'd finished, things felt a little lighter. It was helped by the fact I was listening to one of my favourite scribbling albums Dig Out Your Spade - Vol 2 by the excellent Get a room! djs which always cheers me up, though I was wishing I'd been at Colette's Secret Garden Party where they played last week (like I said, glass half-empty..!)#inthemeadow
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  • Ox-Eye Daisy

    DAISY WEBJune is one of my favourite months in the meadow, Ox-Eye Daisies start to appear in crowded patches everywhere, and from the bench under the pine trees I can see them all swaying in the sunshine - ideally with a post-bedtime ice cold G&T clutched in my hand. The Ox-Eye Daisy is apparently a symbol of Patience, which is somewhat ironic as that's been something in slight short supply here this week as I've tried to organize one baby's thanksgiving party, two birthday parties for a very overexcited 5 year old Lego obsessive, and all whilst keeping up with the usual scribbling and daubing. That said, I'm quite pleased with this one, so have decided four daisy cards will be winging their way to Caspar's odd-parents shortly, tokens of a beautiful sunny party #inthemeadow this weekend to celebrate our littlest boy.cb meadow 10

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