September 12, 2014

New York Public Library

jean desses shoesCurrently buried under a pre-maternity leave avalanche of orders, the weekly drawing has sadly had to take a back seat, but in lieu of it, I thought I would post some scribbles from five years ago, when - with considerably more time on my hands - I passed many very happy September afternoons within the wood-panelled walls of one of my favourite buildings, the New York Public Library, working my way through their fashion section. I've just rediscovered my sketchbooks and all the nostalgic memories they contain of a luxurious time spent in scribbling and reading and daydreaming... (the above scribble: shoes by Jean Dessés)jewel sketchGold, coral & pearl brooch (source unknown)dressFrench Robe Volante (1735-40)maggy rouff dressMaggy Rouff evening dress c. 1935, with Valentino velvet cocktail dress from 1969 scribbled on top of it!