Pleated & Stitched Paper Garlands

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Beautiful boxes of pleated, hand-sewn streamers to add sustainable style to your celebrations or to take to a party and delight your hosts.

Choose your favourite from our exclusive collection of colour combinations... 

Love - a hot pairing of popping pinks and scarlet

Bright - cheerful pops of pastels with a few bright surprises

Cocktail - sultry off-kilter hues for sophisticated soirees

Party - primary rainbow brights for kids from 7 to 70

Retro - 70s vibes and cool colour clashes

Sherbet - sweet shades for fizzing celebrations

Presented in a traditional brass stitched board box made by an English company in the same way since the 1800s with a hand-painted label. The perfect answer to the perennial festive question of what to buy the person who has everything.

To create a classic vintage look, just attach one end and gently twist to achieve the desired effect...

These garlands are made exclusively to Scribble & Daub's colour recipes with finest quality crepe paper but please be aware they are delicate and need handling with care. If well looked after they will last for many years to come. We have found Japanese Washi tape to be the best thing to use for hanging but sellotape or drawing pins can also be used.

Each garland is approximately 12ft long and 3" wide, but will vary slightly in length as every one is pleated and sewn by hand.