May 12, 2016


violet blog aLittle violets weave their way through grass and primroses in the lower meadow by our front gate, spreading themselves about quite happily, popping up in cracks in our paths and walls in beautifully unexpected ways. Once upon a time, when life was slightly more leisurely, I made sugared violets and primroses for my mother-in-law's wedding cake and, though I say so myself, it looked brilliant. It's actually an extremely easy and enjoyable thing to do, relative to how very impressed people will be by your efforts, so if you want to give it a try, here's how... (taken from this article)Sugared Violets(also works for primroses, and other edible leaves and flowers...)One bunch of violets, home grown and pesticide free1 egg white1 tsp of water1 cup of caster sugarWhisk the egg white in a small bowl, with the water. Place the caster sugar in a separate bowl. Line a wire rack with baking paper.With a small brush, brush the petals of your flowers with egg white on both sides. With a spoon, sprinkle the caster sugar over the flower on both sides and set on the baking paper to dry. Continue until you have sugared the desired amount of flowers. Leave to dry in a warm area overnight or until dry.#inthemeadow