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  • You Are What you Give: Christmas Edition with... Caroline Kent

    You Are What you Give: Christmas Edition with... Caroline Kent
    Gift lists are as plentiful as pine needles this time of year and yet I still can't get enough of them. Presents have always been my thing, giving them, receiving them, advising on them, I love it all. The gift list is an irresistible peek into someone's deepest desires and idiosyncratic discoveries, a portrait of sorts, just as our to-do lists are shorthand diaries.

    As 'tis the season, I have gathered together s...
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  • A Dove for Peace

    A Dove for Peace

    The truth is, no one of us can be free until everybody is free - Maya Angelou

    Scribble & Daub exists to foster connection, tiny acts of kindness, little sparks of connection through gifts and cards given at life's important moments, and also for no reason than to show love and care,...

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  • Rye Oh Rye Oh Rye!

    Rye Oh Rye Oh Rye!
    As promised, hot on the heels of Hastings & St Leonards, here is Scribble & Daub's brief guide to Rye, the ancient cobble-stoned town where every single one of our cards, prints and decorations is letterpress-printed. Take a day or two if you plan to explore; treat yourself to a room at  Continue reading
  • Beside the seaside...

    Beside the seaside...
    Scribble & Daub's studio is almost within stone skimming distance of Hastings & St Leonards - in fact I'm off for a swim there this evening! And with our letterpress workshop located in hi...
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