Love Box

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All you need is love... and here is a beautiful box full of it!

How do I love thee, let me count the ways... 26 sweet, seductive and celebratory cards to send to friends, lovers, mothers, newly-weds - in short, anyone you adore or whose adoration of each other you wish to celebrate! 

(The actual value of this set is £160)

Actual contents may vary slightly according to availability but the following is a guide of what you might receive:

Love Heart | Sweets | Out of this world | You're the sweetest | With love (rosebuds) | Love Bugs | Shrimp | Peach | Daisy Chain | I love you heart | I miss you heart | You Me Us | Cupid's Arrow | Love | Swans | Mon Amour | Bisous (Pink) | Perfect Match | Kiss | Lobster | Chilli | Rose (Pink) | I Love Yew | Heart (Red) | Forever | Heart (Pink)